How to reach us

Number 573.283.8200
Catching us on the phone is a rarity due to reception.

FACEBOOK messenger is the QUICKEST way to reach us.

Emails are reviewed once a week if time permits.
Please review the website information before submitting
a question that has already been answered.
Time is something that we can never give back to one another...

Welcome and Thank You for visiting!

Thanks for visiting! We are happy to announce that Kens Kennel transferred ownership 4 years ago and is now known as MID WEST ROTTIES. Puppy information is located on the page. Please review before contacting. We look forward to hearing from you. The BEST way to reach us is through Facebook Messenger at

WE CURRENTLY ACETPING DEPOSITS ON OUR REMAINING FEMALE AVAILABLE FOR PICK UP ON APRIL 9th. She will be the remaining female out of the 3 of Levitica and Panzers recent litter. Born on Feb 14th 2022.She will be 8 weeks of age when released to her forever family. Check out the whole litter on our FACEBOOK page.